Our People, Culture and Values ensure that all the team feel included and have a sense of belonging. Caring for our colleagues is our everyday importance. We embrace gender equality and challenge gender stereotypes; we surround ourselves with an empowering team that strives for excellence. As you can see from our map, we are one of Dublin’s most inclusive workforce. We embrace diversity and inclusion, with our team from over 44 countries, but we are one big Wright family.



We encourage great team culture, celebrate every success while building a progressive, highly adaptive team. The team are collaborative, innovative, and creative. We encourage all our team to be trustworthy, honest, and open with integrity at the core of us all.


What Defines us

We put our team at the centre of everything that we do, and where every voice can be heard. Our team works together towards the same goal while having the freedom to work autonomously. We continue to learn and adapt every day. We build and sustain a great workforce that represent and connect with the different people and communities we serve. In today’s changing, connected world, our shared commitments to respect and listen to each other remain critical to our success. Our colleague’s feedback is always heard.



We are committed to responsible, ethical, and sustainable development. We work earnestly alongside our people, local community, and society at large to improve the world around us.

It is the duty of our leaders to be responsible for defining, coaching, building, measuring, and rewarding the culture we want to foster. Our leaders create an ethical culture of honesty, integrity, trust & fairness. We find our team under this guidance are happier, and more engaged. With these leaders our business has successfully grown.

We encourage our team to be sustainable and welcome 360 feedback regarding caring for the environment. Our teams are committed to keeping our surroundings clean & tidy for the enjoyment of the local community and its visitors.

Our values are influenced by our vision which are disrupting norms with creative thinking, by delivering new concepts and experiences with passion and consistency. Striving to be consistently better than the competition, while listening to our colleague’s feedback.


What inspires us

Our customer is the Star and we focus on making their experience a memorable one. The Wright group as a brand ensures our team know how important your time is. Our team take pride in their roles within the company, they are ambassadors for the group. As ambassadors they ensure we are sustainable, passionate, creative and that our customers have a positive experience.

Community and people at the heart of what we do.


Core Values

  • People – our team and our customers
  • Personality – Integrity, trust, openness, honesty
  • Places – unique experience
  • Products – consistent quality & exceptional service
  • Promoting creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit

Training & Development


Your development starts from the selection process right up to retention & promotion.

We value all our colleagues and encourage them to develop & up skill through company training programs. We align ourselves with eLearning training platforms and outside companies that specialize in training to ensure the team have the correct skills, so they are at their best for themselves and our customers. We invest in our colleagues training and nurture our team to enhance their skills and abilities.

Here are some of the companies that we engage with to help develop our team.

  • Management training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Middle management
  • First Aid
  • Health & Safety
  • Sommelier training
  • Customer Care and Communication
  • Hospitality Law & Insurance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Manual Handling
  • Hazardous substances
  • Health & Safety Awareness
  • Emotional Intelligence

Meet some of the team

Gihan from Findlaters

Zoe from Hogs & Heifers

Fergal from the Finance Team

Ollie from Anglers Rest

Mikey from the Management Team

Praveen from Wrights Café Bar Swords

Becky from The Bloody Stream

Robin from the Management Team

Betty from Anglers Rest

This could be You !

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Ronan from the People & Culture Team

Zaneta from Hogs & Heifers

Adrian from the Food Development Team

Allen from the Operations Team

Gabby from Anglers Rest

Stefan from the Management Team

Join the team

We are a growing group. A place where we embrace your unique qualities. This is a place where creative, open-minded people thrive. A community/workplace where you will be inspired, trusted, and where your talents and skills are nurtured.

Own your future with the Wright career. Together we can create a more sustainable, positive, unique experience.