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A uniquely different concept has taken the Dublin social entertainment scene by storm in the shape of Gilbert & Wright where the emphasis is most assuredly on relaxation and fun! If you’ve lived through the 1970’s and you feel like a virtual revisit, or simply if you appreciate the sounds and trappings of that time – as many younger people do – the Gilbert & Wright wine bar and sitting room experience will raise an eyebrow or two and bring a smile to your face!

Eclectic ’70’s decor, furnishings and memorabilia adorn each of the  Gilbert & Wright premises, in Swords and  Malahide, including vinyl record players, mix ‘n match couches, shag-pile carpets, leopard-skin cushion covers, chintzy wallpaper, dial-up telephones, strange and colourful lamp shades, tables and chairs, and an assortment of other sundry retro accoutrements are just a taste of what you’ll find here.

With the guidance of a couple of dedicated and enthusiastic entertainments/promotions managers each venue hosts nightly events including games – like Jenga, chess and Connect 4 – gigs, movies, DJ and open mic sessions, table quizzes etc. with the aim of keeping customers thoroughly amused and happy. These events coupled with a well stocked bar and complemented by casual bistro-style food ensures that a great night will be had by all.

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